Proposal Track

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A screenshot of the proposal track app on a smart phone device 1 2 3 9,89€ monthly Liability insurance Please answer a few questions, so that we can provide you with a suitable offer. Who would you like to insure? Myself Myself and my children Myself and my partner Myself, my partner and children Next 09:00

The problem

Signal Iduna wanted to increase the number of purchases of their insurance products. Customers often directly contacted their sales representatives to calculate their potential contribution amount. While this was working, it didn't cater to the growing online demand for a hands-off approach. Potential customers wanted to be able to calculate their contributions before having to talk to anyone. Some also wanted to purchase their desired product directly after the calculation.

On the other side, these calculations were taking many sales peoples' time. The sales reps also wanted to help customers who were more certain. If this were made a reality, they could help Signal Iduna achieve their original goal.

The solution

We decided upon an online process to allow the users to calculate their contributions and purchase insurance products in their own time. We built a web application to realize this.

Building the application generically, so that more insurance products could be accommodated in the future was important. Meaning that if Signal Iduna wanted to quickly react to a new policy change mandating insurance of all X products, we could quickly react. Not only this, but they would save vast costs through not having to build a new funnel.

My role

Signal Iduna wanted me to work in their frontend team and I gladly obliged. We worked in a multidisciplinary agile/ scrum environment where the design team continuously gathered feedback from users, and we implemented the changes the users needed.

Angular and NGRX were the tools used to build the frontend of the application. Tools I am well acquainted with. Testing while building, and leveraging my extensive experience with reactive forms, I helped deliver the personal-liability insurance proposal track.