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A screenshot of the proposal track app on a smart phone device 1 2 3 9,89€ monthly Liability insurance Please answer a few questions, so that we can provide you with a suitable offer. Who would you like to insure? Myself Myself and my children Myself and my partner Myself, my partner and children Next 09:00


A screenshot of the splearn app on a tablet device 09:00 AM Fri Jan 1 90% Review Add Question How do you spell necessary? Answers: • necessary Behaviour: • Question will always be asked audibly • Spelling matters spelling Wie schreibt man Naturwissenschaften auf Deutsch? Answers: • naturwissenschaften Behaviour: • Question will always be asked audibly • Spelling matters german spelling Can you multiply matrices of shapes: [4, 3] and [2, 3]? Answers: • Yes math linear algebra Define seminal Answers: • strongly influencing future developments vocabulary Who discovered spaced repetition learning? Answers: • Hermann Ebbinghaus people What's the name of the counterintuitive problem, where changing you choice of door on a gameshow increases the odds in your favour? Answers: • Monthy hall • Monty hall problem • The monty hall problem maths What is the word for "any effect on a person, resulting from anyactivity of one or more otherpersons acting as healthcareprofessionals or promotingproducts or services asbeneficial to health, which doesnot support a goal of the personaffected. Answers: • Iatrogenesis vocabulary What does CSRF stand for? Answers: • Cross site request forgery security QA Pairs Splearn