About Tom

Creating high-quality front and backends

I am a JavaScript developer, passionate about continuous self improvement with the goal of making the web better. Since late 2015, I have spent every single day (and night) of my spare time perfecting my web development skills. I'd be most valuable to you as a JavaScript developer.

Consider hiring me if you are looking for someone to help in the following technologies/ skills:

Backend Development

Frontend Development

Learning and practicing web development with nearly every second of my spare time means that the work I provide is of the highest quality, always up to the latest best standards, and tested according to your needs.

Focusing on learning JavaScript instead of multiple languages has allowed me to gain a deep understanding into the core mechanisms of the JavaScript language in accordance with the book series You Don't Know JavaScript

Increasing your revenue stream is my top priority. I achieve this by providing you with SOLID, DRY programming so that your problem only needs to be solved once. My impressive English communication skills and fluent German also guarantee this.

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